Осень 2010

New feature: Questlog


The questlog helps you to keep track of all the quests which you have already completed, or which you have started but not completed yet. It provides the names of the questlines, their status (completed, incomplete), as well as more detailled information on each single quest.

Note that not all quests will be displayed in the questlog right from the start. We are going to start with a few and add the rest after the release of the autumn update.

TibiaME: Quest Log   TibiaME: Quest Log

Left image: the questlog's main menu where you can switch between completed and still incomplete quests.

Right image: inside the questline "The Last Emperor", the quest "The Exploding Fist" is not completed yet.


New feature: Directional Marker


The directional marker is a kind of ingame navigation system. It marks certain locations on the map which are of importance to you, for example during a quest, and shows you how to get there. It even works when a location is on a different level below or above your current position. Especially newbies will benefit a lot of it since it allows a more convenient journey through the lands of TibiaME.

TibiaME: Directional Marker   TibiaME: Directional Marker

Left image: a small arrow on the left indicates the direction you have to walk, and occasionally a message pops up that gives you further hints.

Right image: the target location is marked as a red dot in the minimap.




In this update you are sent to Starrfish Island, a tropical volcanic insular located in the North of Yabutu. It's a beautiful piece of land with plenty of mountains, palm trees, sand beaches and sugarcane fields. But it is also the home of evil and even more evil pirates, so you better watch out as soon as you set foot on it!

People say that somewhere on Starrfish Island a legendary treasure is buried. Sounds like the right task for you, huh? Before you can start out on your treasure hunt, though, you first have to become a true pirate...

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

TibiaME: Pirates

Since the autumn update 2010 is all about pirates, you will definitely face a lot of... uh.... pirates there. Here is an artwork made by our graphic artist Jan that was used as a reference for the ingame sprites. You can download the artwork in big size by clicking the image below. Enjoy!

Pirates concept art


New feature: Global Depot


At the moment, each island has a depot with only local access. Items stored in the depot on Aurea, for example, cannot be accessed from Ashmor, Banuna or Yabutu right now. That pretty soon belongs to the past.

All local depots will be turned into one big global depot. Just enter a depot on any island. From there you will then be able to equip your character with weapons, armour and all the other items that you have stored in depots anywhere. Since all existing depots are now combined and scrolling through all depot slots would be a bit too much, we have added pages to it. With the autumn update, there will be 9 pages available with 70 slots each.

TibiaME: Global Depot


New feature: Status Icons


We will introduce a couple of new status icons that indicate in which kind of area your character is standing and if you have received a letter from another player. There will be four new ones: having unread letters, standing in a protection zone, standing in a fighting zone, standing in an arena zone. As the images show the icons are displayed in the user interface.

TibiaME: Status Icons

The closed envelope icon shows that you have unread letters. The shield indicates that you are standing in a protection zone.

TibiaME: Status Icons

TibiaME: Status Icons

First image: two swords mark an arena zone.
Second image: one sword marks a fighting zone.



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