Осень 2012

Boss Battles


Once again, we will add new bossfights to the game. Team up with other players and unite your power and strength to defeat this threat.


Death Knight


Two new challenging boss battles will be added with the Autumn Update. Frostisson the legendary Ice Dragon will appear in St. Nivalis and the Two Kings will lure brave adventurers into a temple on Banuna. So prepare yourself for new epic and challenging battles.


New Boss




Fixes for existing bossfights


Especially for abuses with the rewards. With the autumn update we are going to implement some fixes for the existing bossfights. These fixes will prevent players from getting undeserved rewards or loot.


Instanced Weapons


A few of the dropped weapons and armour pieces will have randomized values. So you have the chance to find unique versions of various items during your journey. Each of those items can be up to 10% more or less powerful than the default item. A new small icon will give you a quick indication if the weapon is common (less powerful), uncommon (near the default values) or rare (more powerful).




Faster regeneration after monster fights


While you are fighting against a monster your character usually does not regenerate. Once the fight is over it takes about 6 seconds before regeneration starts. After the autumn update, your regeneration will start faster once a fight is over. This change will speed up the game a little and make your adventures more fun.


Big changes on the Skillsystem


Some really big changes are coming to the skillsystem. At the moment each extra star on a skill will reduce the cooldown by a certain amount. This is going to change.

Each skill, as long as it is applicable (it will not work for every skill) will have the same cooldown as a 5-star skill for each of its skill levels. So, what happens when you add an extra star to a skill, if the cooldown doesn't get reduced? Well, the skill simply gets better. It might deal more damage with 2 stars, compared to 1 star. Also, we will make skills available before level 8. To accomplish these changes we will remove all set skillpoints on all characters and give everybody some free ReRolls. After the update, you will need to assign your skill points again and choose your skills.


Changes on the Battlesystem


Together with the Skillsystem, we are going to change the battlesystem as well. At the moment, a weapon that can deal 100 hit damage has the same chance to deal 1 or 100 hit damage.

The consequence is that you have this really powerfull weapon, that sometimes deals this pittyful small amount of damage and might not even manage to kill a small bug at once. Well, that's going to change! With the autumn update your weapons will have a much higher chance to deal damage in the mid and upper end of its damage scale. Also we are going to eliminate 10% of the smallest values for each weapon - so they really won't deal something like 1 damage anymore. Also we have increased the chances for critical hits for weapons.


Monster Statistics / Extended Monster Stats


The Monster Statistics will now show all of your killed monsters. Many of you have wished for this feature for quite a while now. And here it is. After the update you will be able to scroll through all monsters you managed to defeat in your character's career.

The Monster Stats will show you more information about the monsters you have killed. Based on the number of kills, you will receive data about its hitpoints, attack type, weakness and item drops.




Achievements for explorers


If you have collected a lot of Explorer Stars during your journey you will be rewarded with new achievements. You will receive an achievement for 1, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 stars collected.


GMs will be highlighted


All GM names will have a unique colour, being red, to identify a real GM on the first look. So players pretending to be a GM can easily be recognized.


Beta Test


You want to try out the changes and see how they feel? We are going to have an open Beta Test from 31.10.2012 until 05.11.2012. More details once it is ready. Also our Fansite admins will receive early access to the Beta and will be reporting about the changes in advance.

Stay tuned.
Your TibiaME Team




Erebos is a high level island! The island will be included in the Premium package and can of course be bought with Platinum. It will include two new strong monsters and a very interesting twist.






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