Осень 2013

Revamp of Solahmar


Discover the ancient secrets of Solahmar in a completely new questline. Fight your way through more than 20 brand new quests, face exciting challenges and discover new weapons and armours:

Autumn Update 2013

Autumn Update 2013

You will also face two new monsters on the way through Solahmar:

The Sphinx


The Djinn


Monster taming


A new age of hunting will dawn in the world of TibiaME! Tame one of seven monsters and make it your loyal ally. But beware, not every monster is tameable. Check out the new druid camp south of Aurea and talk to the druids. You will be able to tame the following monsters:

  • Wolf (Level 1)
  • Hornet (Level 1)
  • Bat (Level 1)
  • Scorpion (Level 1)
  • Sabrecat (Level 6)
  • Crocodile (Level 10)
  • Troll (Level 10)

You can also get a Drake Whelp (Level 1) if you have earned one of the pet cages during Dragon Rutting.



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