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GM-Isolan 2010

Hi, everyone! Today our guest is one of TibiaME gamemasters - GM-Isolan.
I bet you know her from TibiaME official forum or even saw her ingame.



Let's start with a short introduction.

Real name: some know ;)
Birthday: July 18
Eyes colour: Green
Hair colour: Dyed brown
Blood type: I don't know actually.... hmm....
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite drink: Pepsi light


How long have you been working in CipSoft?

I started working here in March 2007, so 3 years
and a couple of months. :)


How did you get there?

Funny thing that. I was working in another firm and became friends with a woman there. She left the firm and went to work for CipSoft. I lost my job about 6 months later, and she told me there was a job opening in customer support at CipSoft. I applied, got the job, packed everything up and moved house within 2 weeks.


Did you have any experience in game industry before?

Apart from playing video and computer games no.

What are your duties in CipSoft?

I work in support, so I help in solving player's problems, either via email or via the forums, assign or reassign payments if there was a problem. I mainly work in TibiaME support, but on occasion I also work in Tibia support, processing player reports, answering emails and processing payment requests.


Can you describe your typical working day?

My average day consists of answering the emails you sent us and moderating the forum and forwarding feedback and suggestions you gave us. Also there is a lot of organisation I do behind the scenes. I am also the deputy of the customer support team leader, so I do some work in that field as well. If colleagues are off sick or on holiday their work gets divided up amongst the rest of the team, so I take on some of their work as well.


Is it hard to understand the players from all over the world?
How many languages do you know?

At first it is hard to understand, yes, but you get into it. With so many languages being used, you cannot help but learn some words in a different language. I speak 2 languages fluently: German and English and I am currently learning Malay. But I can curse in about 7 languages. ;)


In Tibia there was a software for detecting autohunters.
Why catching them in TibiaME is still manual?

Gamemaster's Client

The programmes they use to bot in Tibia are more sophisticated than those used in TibiaME. Due to their sophistication they can be detected automatically which is what the automatic tool does. I cannot go into details on what is detected as it would help the bot makers.


What was the highest level of a player banished by you?

Slavyan, 2 years ago. I don't remember which level he had at the time, but he was the character with the highest level I ever banished in TibiaME.


Do you work in office only or do something at home as well?

I only work in the office, although I do check the forums on occasion when I am at home, but I generally do not post then unless there is some serious issue that needs a direct response.


Do you live far from CipSoft office?

No, I live around the corner, about 5 minutes walk from the office.


Do you have a car?

Sadly no. But I would like to own a car one day.


Although most of the CipSoft crew are male, there are several females too.
Who are those brave women, in what departments do they work?

The support team consists of more women than men, there are 5 women and 3 men. Other than that, 2 of the community managers are female. There are also 2 more females in the content department, one working on graphics, the other is the content team leader. Other than that there are 2 more females in the office, working as assistants of the management.


Can you remember some funny story that happened to you in CipSoft?

Isolan The funniest thing that happened to me was before I started working in TibiaME customer support. Back then I was working in Tibia customer support and I was online as a gamemaster for quite a while. I got a report once, that a player was botting and I went to investigate. If I recall correctly he was Brazilian. He was at the keyboard and we talked, I told him why I was there. I told him botting is illegal and he said that he didn't know that. He asked then: "Booting is illegal?" and I said yes. I was about to leave when he asked me: "Wait! Don't you want to take them?" I didn't know what he meant until he threw his leather boots on the floor, made an arrow pointing to the boots and said: "Boots. Illegal!" I quickly explained to the poor player that he misunderstood me the whole time. That was a very memorable and funny situation. :D


Do you visit the fansites?

Yes, I do. I like to see what new additions were made to the sites. They are really cool, I'm impressed!


How large is your collection of TibiaME fanworks? What are your favourites?

I have 110 files in my collection. There are some artists whose work I really like. I love the cartoons and the battle ground pictures. Also some are really good at making funny gifs. :) I don't want to mention just a few, as there are so many great artists out there and not mentioning them would be unfair. :)


Have you seen the latest video by Ryoma? You make a cameo in it.

Now I have. :D


So how does it feel to be a fanwork character?

Haha, I loved the addition of voice at the end. It is nice to be a part of a fan project. I don't get featured as much as Judi and Balinor, but it is nice to pop up here and there once in a while. :D


How do you spend your free time?
What are your hobbies?

I'm a bookworm, I love to read and I read a lot. As I spend most of my working day in front of the computer I don't turn my computer at home on much. Once in a while a play a little on my PS3 or watch a series. I also like listening to music and painting. When the weather is nice I like to sit on my terrace or work in my little garden.


Do you have pets at home?

Sadly not, no. The appartment is too small for a pet.


That's all for now! Thanks to Isolan for the interview.
Thanks to Ogrey for the assistance.
Thanks to Gyash, Ultranova and Funky Yokel for sending their questions.


Have fun in TibiaME!


Still want more? Watch our special video from GM Island!



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