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-International (Bimbas) (Molodoy) – highscores, screenshots, photos
TibiaME Polish (Mertuch) – resource for polish players (Lokis) – brazilian site

World of Tibiame (Yeha) – old site with information about monsters, items, etc.

-Russian (Volf) – changed the owners and TibiaME section is almost dead.

-RIP (Holy) (Hamzy) – maps, comics, etc. (Batboy) – achievements ranking, etc. (hendrix) – indonesian mobile site with good quest guides
Nano Tibia [Highscores] (Haktivex) – great highscores site (Darkduke) – Premium reselling for russian players, highscores + forum
TibiaME blog (Deathbrin) – tables, maps, etc. (Deathbrin) – old site with many interesting information
TibiaME World (Ammi) – game history, old screenshots and photos (TaveruS) – old TibiaME maps & other stuff – russian site, not updated anymore
Raistlin (w1)
The Story
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