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News 2010

-2010-12-28Server maintenance
-2010-12-22Fancy wallpapers
-2010-12-15New reseller
-2010-12-15Increased speed
-2010-12-10People like this!
-2010-12-08Full EP forever
-2010-12-01Password recovery
-2010-11-25Connection problems
-2010-11-24New fansite
-2010-11-18Full EP Week
-2010-11-12iPhone client v1.11
-2010-11-03Bug in iPhone client
-2010-11-02New iPhone v1.10
-2010-10-28DoubleEP days
-2010-10-27Server rollback
-2010-10-26Autumn update 2010
-2010-10-07TibiaME for iPhone
-2010-10-06New client v1.04
-2010-09-28Episode 6 is online
-2010-09-21Server maintenance
-2010-09-20New Fansite
-2010-09-15New client v1.03
-2010-09-14Episode 5 is online
-2010-09-06New worlds online
-2010-08-31Episode 4 is online
-2010-08-27Play with caution!
-2010-08-24New high res client
-2010-08-18Server maintenance
-2010-08-09Website in Malay
-2010-08-03Episode 3 is online
-2010-07-23It is high res time!
-2010-07-20Server maintenance
-2010-07-20Episode 2 is online
-2010-07-06Season 7 has started
-2010-06-21Server maintenance
-2010-06-17New fansite
-2010-06-17TibiaME in Malay
-2010-05-28Black belt bug
-2010-05-11Spring Update 2010
-2010-04-22TibiaME Beta Test
-2010-04-12Spring update 2010
-2010-04-07Episode 6 is online!
-2010-03-23Episode 5 is online!
-2010-03-09Episode 4 is online!
-2010-03-02TibiaME Alpha Client released
-2010-02-09Episode 3 is online!
-2010-01-30Technical problems
-2010-01-26Episode 2 is online!
-2010-01-12Season 6 has started

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Raistlin (w1)
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