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Episode 5 is online

The fifth episode of the TibiaME Tales Season 8 is now online. Dr. Fredison has a big problem with mutated tentacles in his toilet. He urgently needs your help! Start your journey in the southwest of Starrfish Island and help Dr. Fredison fight the tentacle debacle!


EP system change

In order to make fights against creatures more fun for everyone we have modified the EP system a bit. The new EP system is very easy to understand.

If you kill a creature alone you still get 100% of the EP, of course. If you kill a creature together with other players, the amount of EP depends on how much damage you deal during the fight.
  • If you deal 20% or less damage to the creature, the amount of EP you receive is equal to the amount of damage you have caused. For example, you and your friends have killed a pirate. You have caused 10% damage so you get 10% of the pirate's EP.
  • If you deal more than 20% damage you get a fix amount of 80% of the creature's EP. Let's say you have caused 60% damage to a pirate and your friend 40%. Both of you get 80% of the pirate's EP then.
With this change the distribution of EP among players becomes fairer and more balanced. Enjoy the new EP system!


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