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Autumn Update 2011

Finally, the eagerly awaited TibiaME autumn update 2011 has been released.

The islands Ashmor and Vargos are revamped and a lot of new quests were added. In addition, new boss monsters were implemented and you can face those bosses now on a daily basis. You also receive more information regarding your skills and spells.

Along with the autumn update we have released the new client version 2.05 for all our supported mobile devices except for the iPhone. The iPhone client is still reviewed by Apple and we will release it as soon as possible.

Get your new clients here and check out our latest announcement for further information.

Let's play!

Your TibiaME team


Maintenance for AU

It is update time. We are now going to release this year's autumn update. All game servers will be temporarily offline from 9:00 until 14:00 CEST approximately. To shorten the waiting time, take a look on our Forum, on Facebook or visit some of our Fansites.


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