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News 2011

-2011-12-22Premium and Platinum
-2011-12-14New reseller
-2011-12-13Maintenance work
-2011-12-12iPhone client v2.06
-2011-12-12New resellers
-2011-12-08TibiaME on Google
-2011-12-07New resellers
-2011-11-28New Fansite
-2011-11-25New reseller
-2011-11-17Android v2.06
-2011-11-11New reseller
-2011-10-27New reseller store
-2011-10-25Autumn Update 2011
-2011-10-25Maintenance for AU
-2011-10-19Second Update Teaser
-2011-10-17Payment Problems
-2011-10-14Maintenance work
-2011-10-12Teaser published
-2011-10-06New Fansite
-2011-09-20Episode 6 is online
-2011-09-13Web Client v2.04
-2011-09-06Episode 5 is online
-2011-08-31TibiaME Web Client
-2011-08-24New reseller
-2011-08-23Episode 4 is online
-2011-08-11Email Delivery
-2011-08-09New recovery system
-2011-08-02Emergency Contact
-2011-07-28Forum update
-2011-07-26Episode 3 is online
-2011-07-18New Client
-2011-07-12Indosat Payments
-2011-07-12Episode 2 is online
-2011-07-12Telkomsel SMS-Pay
-2011-07-07Armour Restrictions
-2011-06-30Armour Restrictions
-2011-06-28Episode 1 is online
-2011-06-08CipSoft turns ten!
-2011-06-07Fansite anniversary
-2011-06-01Indosat payments
-2011-05-31Renamed Fansite
-2011-05-31Reseller Expansion
-2011-05-31Fixes for Series60v5
-2011-05-27New reseller
-2011-05-27Small patch
-2011-05-26Fansite anniversary
-2011-05-25More bugfixes
-2011-05-23Upcoming bugfixes
-2011-05-19Maintenance for SU
-2011-05-18Spring Update 2011
-2011-05-18Maintenance for SU
-2011-05-16New reseller
-2011-05-10Spring update 2011
-2011-04-28New Reseller
-2011-04-20Spring update 2011
-2011-04-19New Reseller
-2011-04-13Spring update 2011
-2011-04-07Further resellers
-2011-04-06New reseller
-2011-04-01Fansite anniversary
-2011-03-30Spring update 2011
-2011-03-29Episode 6 is online
-2011-03-15Episode 5 is online
-2011-03-15EP system change
-2011-03-01Episode 4 is online
-2011-02-11Beta test started
-2011-02-08Episode 3 is online
-2011-02-07Security hint
-2011-01-28Android Beta client
-2011-01-25Episode 2 is online
-2011-01-12Fansite anniversary
-2011-01-11Blackberry client
-2011-01-11Season 8 has started
-2011-01-10New resellers

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