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News 2012

-2012-12-12New Payment Method
-2012-11-13Autumn Update
-2012-11-09Making friends
-2012-10-31The random item
-2012-10-31Open Beta
-2012-10-30Halloween Special
-2012-10-24Double EP
-2012-10-24Second Update Teaser
-2012-10-19Life Insurance
-2012-10-12New reseller
-2012-10-10Maintenance work
-2012-09-26First Update Teaser
-2012-09-24Back 2 School
-2012-09-20Payment and Support
-2012-09-18Episode 6 is online
-2012-09-17New Payment Method
-2012-09-12Starrfish Island
-2012-09-10New resellers
-2012-09-06Maintenance work
-2012-09-04New resellers
-2012-08-28Episode 5 is online
-2012-08-24Maintenance work
-2012-08-22New Forum App
-2012-08-22Game Worlds are back
-2012-08-16Goodbye tibiamefs
-2012-08-07Episode 4 is online
-2012-08-06New resellers
-2012-08-06Fiction Fighters
-2012-08-01Boacompra promotion
-2012-07-31New Resellers
-2012-07-17New Reseller
-2012-07-17Episode 3 is online
-2012-07-12New resellers
-2012-07-09New Client Version
-2012-07-05Further Development
-2012-07-04Maintenance work
-2012-07-03The 100th Reseller
-2012-06-25Episode 2 is online
-2012-06-22Double EP event
-2012-06-12Episode 1 is online
-2012-05-20Fansite anniversary
-2012-05-10New reseller
-2012-05-09New reseller
-2012-05-02Spring Update 2012
-2012-05-02Maintenance for SU
-2012-04-24Spring Update 2012
-2012-04-20New reseller
-2012-04-18Maintenance work
-2012-04-17You want more?
-2012-04-16Security Hint
-2012-04-01Fansite anniversary
-2012-03-29Payment methods
-2012-03-27Episode 6 is online
-2012-03-26New resellers
-2012-03-14Payment methods
-2012-03-13Episode 5 is online
-2012-02-28Episode 4 is online
-2012-02-23New reseller
-2012-02-20New resellers
-2012-02-14Episode 3 is online
-2012-01-24Episode 2 is online
-2012-01-23Android v2.08
-2012-01-16Web Client v2.08
-2012-01-10Episode 1 is online
-2012-01-09New reseller
-2012-01-04iPhone client v2.07
-2012-01-04New reseller

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Raistlin (w1)
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