-Apr 05, 2007
Spring update feature list

The update is coming along and we are confident to release it soon. Here is a short list of what is going to come:
  • A new island "Lybera" will be added. New players will learn how to play the game in a tutorial and can then explore the island from a little fishing village. Once you leave this island for Aurea, you cannot return.
  • A high-level island "Vargos" with many dungeons and hunting grounds will be added. This island is only going to be available for premium players and from a certain level upwards.
  • A new weapon for each vocation is going to be added to the game.
  • Monsterclasses and Bossmonsters. Some monsters are going to be marked with little skulls (white or red). Beware of these monsters, as they are stronger than normal monsters of that type. Also there are going to be Bossmonsters. You will recognize them for sure.
  • Balancing issues. Due to the introduction of monsterclasses, many values of monsters will change. So do not be surprised to find monsters stronger than before the update.
  • Free players can only explore the surface and the catacombs around the city in Aurea. The other areas can only be entered by premium characters.
  • For better orientation NPC-names are now yellow - player names remain green.
We will post some Screenshots of the update in the near future.

Have fun in TibiaME.

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