-Apr 23, 2008
Open Beta Test

After many weeks of hard work and a lot of testing and bug fixing we are going to start a public beta test for the new TibiaME clients! You will not be able to see anything of the new island (St. Nivalis) until the official release of the new clients though, but you can try out the new features:

  • Friendlist
  • Ignorelist
  • InGame Forum
  • Letters
  • Guilds

  • So what is this beta test good for?

    We need you to find as many bugs in the new clients as possible, so that we all can enjoy the game, so be so kind to send us any bugs you find via the feedback form.

    We had quite a lot of fun testing the update ourself and hope you will enjoy it as much.

    You can download the Beta clients at www.tibiame.com/openbeta or at wap.tibiame.com/openbeta.

    Have fun in TibiaME!

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