-Mar 18, 2008
Episode 5 has been released

The fifth episode of the TibiaME Tales Season Two has been published. Go and find out more about the mysterious Ridley on Ashmor. Also this Episode brings the new PvP system:

* 2% experience loss when you die at arena
* Chance to lose an item from backback
* You cannot leave the arena for 1:30 min once entered
* You take part at the PvP Ranking when fighting at the arena
* When you have a high rank, you need to fulfill a quota every week. That means you have to defeat a certain amount of other players in the arena in that week. If you fail to do so, you will drop down in your rank.

* No experience loss
* No item loss
* You will not take part in the PvP Ranking when fighting at the PvP island

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