-May 06, 2008
Spring Update Release

We have finished testing the update, so now it is your turn on discovering a whole new TibiaME. Have a look at the icy island St.Nivalis and solve riddles and quests while fighting against dangerous new monsters. You can reach the new island by talking with Trua or by ship from Aurea North Port.

On your way you will meet sweet squirrels, lazy walruses, dangerous Yetis and even powerful ice dragons. You will also find some new weapons and armors.

Don't forget to download the new client, even though the old clients will still work after the update. The new client has got the version 1.52 and will install over your previous TibiaME installation.

Thank you to everybody who participated in the beta test, you helped us a lot!

So - what is new?

  • Friend list
  • Ignore list
  • InGame Forum
  • Letters
  • Guilds
  • New island St. Nivalis

The new Java client is ready for download now. We are still working on special version for Motorola phones, which will come in the next few days.

Have fun with the update!

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