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Skill System


-Swiftness 2
-Striking Spell 7 Swiftness
-Blessed Weapon 7 Swiftness
-Blessed Spell 12 Striking Spell
-Half Protect 12 Striking Spell
-Martial Attack 12 Blessed Weapon
-Gaping Attack 12 Blessed Weapon
-Martial Spell 22 Blessed Spell   Half Protect
-Mana Leech 22 Martial Attack   Gaping Attack
-Derelict Spell 27 Martial Spell
-Gaping Spell 27 Martial Spell
-Rupture Attack 27 Mana Leech
-Health Leech 27 Mana Leech
-Rupture Spell 57 Rupture Attack   Gaping Spell
-Divine Power 62 Health Leech   Reverse Damage

-Increased Heal 2
-Show Weakness 2
-Scream 7 Increased Heal
-Healing Charm 7 Increased Heal
-Healing Flux 12 Scream
-Meditation 12 Scream
-Paralyse 12 Healing Charm
-Plenary Heal 12 Healing Charm
-Vitality Stream 22 Healing Flux   Meditation
-Evade Debuff 22 Plenary Heal   Paralyse
-Reverse Damage 27 Vitality Stream
-Renew 27 Vitality Stream
-Magic Shield 27 Evade Debuff
-Discharge 27 Evade Debuff
-Magic Armour 57 Renew   Magic Shield
-Equilibrium 62 Discharge   Derelict Spell


-First Strike 2
-Skirmish Attack 7 First Strike
-Expertise 7 First Strike
-Meddling Attack 12 Skirmish Attack
-Stacked Attack 12 Skirmish Attack
-Mana Charge 12 Expertise
-Rage 12 Expertise
-Roundhouse 22 Meddling Attack   Stacked Attack
-Double Attack 22 Rage   Mana Charge
-All-In 27 Roundhouse
-Chain Attack 27 Roundhouse
-Mighty Blow 27 Double Attack
-Double Damage 27 Double Attack
-Mighty Stomp 57 Mighty Blow   Chain Attack
-Return Damage 62 Discharge   Double Damage

-Hardskin 2
-Show Weakness 2
-Dogde 7 Hardskin
-Provoke 7 Hardskin
-Guardian 12 Dodge
-Warden Armour 12 Dodge
-Sap 12 Provoke
-Parry 12 Provoke
-Manashield 22 Guardian   Warden Armour
-Evade Debuff 22 Parry   Sap
-Discharge 27 Manashield
-Damage Shield 27 Manashield
-Evade Spell 27 Evade Debuff
-Puretank 27 Evade Debuff
-Shield Wall 57 Evade Spell   Damage Shield
-Battlemaster 62 Puretank   All-In

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Raistlin (w1)
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