Весна 2013

Ok.. here we go. First glance at the actual spring update!


Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013

Spring Update 2013



Here is what is coming:

  • New graphics and effects in the game
  • Small graphical revamps on all islands
  • Large graphical revamp on Solahmar
  • Solahmar now has a proper free zone!
  • Redesigned all potions and foods in the game

Some monster now have a special behavior:

  • Fireballs (on Erebos)
  • Treants (on Fabulara)
  • Eye, Watcher and Gazer (various islands)
  • Ice Dragon, Shiveron and Crystallon (on St.Nivalis)

6 new challenging BossFights:

  • Gatekeeper on Ashmor
  • Bragnak on Aurea
  • Oakvine on Fabulara
  • Hellhounds on Ashmor
  • Igor on Ashmor
  • Nekrion on Ashmor

And something... wait... legendary:

  • A legendary Quest around Hornig, including a legendary item!
  • BossFight Rewards redesigned.

    Item is now locked for a random player (who took part in the battle). This player has a few seconds to pick up the reward item in the reward room. This measure will prevent players from grabbing away the items from players still involved in fighting the boss.

What else is going to come?

Due to technical reasons we have decided to split up the update, to make each update a bit less complicated:

We are going to add great new payment options for many many countries early next week. This will include mobile payment methods, Gamecards and many other options.

Many of you have asked for this and we are going to make it happen. You will be able to trade your Platinum for gold in the Tradehouse! For security reasons your character will have to fullfil some requirements, like no payment chargebacks and payments in the past. You will be able to offer Platinum packages at the trade house and other players can buy these with Gold. We think will open up the Platinum features to a larger group of people and enable people to enjoy all the game, even if they cannot buy Platinum for themselves.

Also we are working on a big surprise, which we will teaser in a few weeks. But there is some more cool stuff coming just after the spring update :)



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