Весна 2014

Boss battle in Solahmar


A new boss battle for level 70 and above was added to Solahmar. Visit Soultaken Island and challenge Ak’ra’thes in the triple pyramid to gain a brand new hit armor set.


Spring Update 2014: Level 79 Armors


In addition you can get the Brute Force or Leveller as new hit weapons.


Spring Update 2014: Level 79 Weapons


New island for high-level characters: Ephialtis


The new island is for all characters of level 105 and above. As usual it will have no restrictions to keep characters below this level out, but the monsters are designed for level 105+. The monsters on Ephialtis are a new elite type with black skull and have special abilities such as summon minions, deal damage over time or vocation attack preferences. Additionally, a completely new monster can be found on Ephialtis: The black dragon.


Spring Update 2014: Black Dragon


There are also three new weapons for difficulty 99 available as drop from the elite monsters:


Spring Update 2014: Level 99 Weapons


The island is full PvP with a new zone type: Guild PvP.


Guild PvP


In the new guild PvP zone you can attack players from other guilds together with members of your own guild. Using your pets in guild PvP zones is allowed. In addition, you will only suffer 2% EP loss when killed in a guild PvP zone by a monster or player. Life insurances work in guild PvP zones and prevent losses. The guild PvP is not an arena zone, therefore kills in this zone will have no effect on the quota.

Pet commands


In order to better control your pet, you can now define how your pet should behave while travelling with you:

  • If you set your pet to attack mode, it will search for opponents and attack them on sight.
  • If you set your pet to protect mode, it will follow and take on every target you are fighting.
  • If you set your pet to follow mode, it will follow and stay out of battle. But it will defend itself.


New Quest Log


The quest log has been redesigned to improve the handling of your quests. If you open your unfinished quests section, you will first see all open quests for the island you are currently visiting.


Spring Update 2014: New Quest Log


You can also view all of your open quests as before by using the Show all command.


Spring Update 2014: New Quest Log


In the completed quests section you will see how many quests you have solved on the various islands.


Spring Update 2014: New Quest Log


Repeatable boss battle rewards


You can now trade the tokens you gained in the boss battles up to three times. Once you have gained all parts of an armor set, you can get another set for a higher token price. The price will rise by approximately 50% for the second set and double for the third set.


Access restrictions for the Chilong boss battle
have been adjusted


The boss battle with Chilong will now be playable on a daily basis (every 24 hours) without cleaning the shrines on Yabutu regularly, but it will still be required to finish the shrine quest once. Afterwards the shrine quest is still available on a daily basis (repeatable every 24 hours) and will be rewarded with EP.


Guild PvP changes for Ephialtis


Based on our review of the beta test we made an adjustment to the PvP zone on Ephialtis. With the release of the update the island is no longer Guild PvP by default. But we added a voting system that allows the community of a world to decide if the island is PvP or not. Speak to the captain in the camp of Ephialtis to vote for or against PvP.

Please notice that you can only vote if you are an approved hunter on this island. You must have killed 50 Chaletons, 50 Chaombies and 50 Royambies in order to vote. Your voting can be changed every 7 days.




Tonight with serversave we will publish a few bugfixes:

  • It will no longer be possible to summon multiple pets at the same time.
  • Damage values of weapons will not decrease anymore.
  • A blocking condition for the new boss battle is removed.

Please notice that this bugfix will only prevent a weapon from losing its attack power. It will have no effect on a weapon that already lost its attack power. We will restore all affected weapons to their original state during a downtime next week. So, please be patient.



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