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The Story of Tochki.Su

Raistlin (w1)Raistlin (w1)
I do not belong to the first generations of TibiaME players, as some people may think. I started playing it in 2007 on my Siemens SK65 phone using J2ME client and the game was slow and laggy. My first character was a female warrior Nanami (named after the girl from Suikoden 2 game) and the only thing I can remember about her adventures is hunting wolves on Lybera.

In the end of 2007 my phone got stolen (the funny thing is that I had broken its screen a day earlier and still some idiot took it from my bag left in the changing room along with 40 bucks). I decided not to buy a smartphone until the brand new Nokia E71 is released. As soon as it appeared in stores (July 2008) I got one for myself and TibiaME was in my pocket once again.

I forgot my warrior password and decided to start anew as a wizard. At that time I was reading "Legends of the Twins" D&D campaign setting book from the Dragonlance series, and when in the chapter "Hourglass in the Sky" I read: "Raistlin destroys Paladine. The world ends. The history of Krynn is complete", I thought, that Raist definitely needs more adventures, even if it means downgrading from a god of Krynn to a level 1 noob in TibiaME.

Thus Raistlin (w1) stepped onto TibiaME lands.
The Creation of Tochki.suThe Creation of
Since 90's I was the owner of several websites, dedicated to anime, games, console emulation and other stuff. In June 2008 I registered the domain name for my new project: a blog about the board game "Tochki" (translated as "Dots" or "Points") — a simplified version of Go, popular among students in Russia, Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. The names in the popular domain zones like .com .net .org or .ru had been already taken, so it happened to be — I didn't put any special meaning into it.

In March 2009 I created several TibiaME maps and decided to put them on a webpage so I can share the link with fellow players. It wasn't intended to become a big project, so I created a subfolder on and uploaded the files there. A few years later the blog went into neglect, but at the same time TibiaME page grew into a popular resource known by hundreds of players. The community got used to its name, so I decided to leave everything as it was, naming the site or simply

The official birthday of is April 1, 2009.
Fansite ProgrammeFansite Programme
Several months later I was playing the game just like any other player, levelling my character, fighting the foes and having fun with friends. was a neat little site with maps section, stamina calculator and experience table. No CMS or extra graphics were used, only my own code and pieces of TibiaME graphics.

I was quite surprised when one day I received a private message from CM-Ogrey with invitation to join TibiaME Fansite Programme, launched by CipSoft in July 2009. We discussed some details and soon my site became officially supported.

It happened on December 15, 2009.
Further StoryFurther Story
Many things happened to since then. New content has been constantly added, the site was redesigned several times and changed the hosting providers. The fansite programme managers replaced one another: Ogrey, Tjured, Balinor, Karvar.

In times when CipSoft didn't share the game information with fansite admins and players had to explore everything on their own, was famous for its extensive Encyclopedia, with dozens of players lending their help. Now it is the quiet place, focused on collecting the old screenshots, videos and highscores.

But it's still alive. A descendant of the first generations of TibiaME fansites, exists for more than a decade now and is the longest-time member of the Fansite Programme.

Thank you for your support through all these years!

Sincerely, Raist. 10 Years!

Raistlin (w1)
The Story
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