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King Wizard

Tibiame BETA java jar always ERROR!!! Autumn Update 2012Tibiame BETA 2012 - KING ARENATibiame - Twin Musco - W3TibiaME four people KILLED KING MUSCO -- By W3 Guild SteroidsTibiame - king frostisso vs guild SteroidsTibiame Arena 30 lvl wiz kill 61 lvl warTibiame Bug at dragon islandTibiame - KILL KING FROSTISSO ALONE !! PART 1 BY ZUTO 107wiz W3Tibiame - 2 ppl kill HORNIG successful by guild SteroidsTibiame -- the story of addictive play TibiaMETibiame - kill Frostisso alone and got a very dangerous trapTibiame - Kill Frostisso ALONE BY Kiirito w3 lvl 80wizTibiame - Kill Frostisso with NO POTION/HERB!! BY ZUTO W3Tibiame - KILL FROSTISSO ALONE BY LVL 80 WITH NO HERB/POTIONTibiame - Hornig vs 2ppl 107 and 80 lvlTibiame - before/after the boss fight change at FrostissoTibiame - Frostisso Crazy SpellTibiame - Distrub pplTibiame - Masquerade FestivalTibiame - Kill King Carneiro!Tibiame - 2 ppl Twin MUSCO ( FAILED )Tibiame - ( EVENT DRAGON RUTTING )TIBIAME - Lost Money For TIBIAME!!Tibiame - Balinor vs Steroids member ( Balinor DIE )Tibiame - Kill Karvar by SteroidsTibiaME - Kill Igor ( IGOR BUG )
Raistlin (w1)
The Story
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