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Ветер перемен



Full EP forever

Due to the huge success of our Full EP week in mid-November, we will now keep this feature activated for all of you! So if you team up with other players and kill a monster together, each of you will receive the full amount of EP.

Sounds good? Full EP will be activated on all game worlds after tonight's server save. Enjoy!




EP system changeNo Full EP

In order to make fights against creatures more fun for everyone we have modified the EP system a bit. The new EP system is very easy to understand.

If you kill a creature alone you still get 100% of the EP, of course. If you kill a creature together with other players, the amount of EP depends on how much damage you deal during the fight.

  • If you deal 20% or less damage to the creature, the amount of EP you receive is equal to the amount of damage you have caused. For example, you and your friends have killed a pirate. You have caused 10% damage so you get 10% of the pirate's EP.
  • If you deal more than 20% damage you get a fix amount of 80% of the creature's EP. Let's say you have caused 60% damage to a pirate and your friend 40%. Both of you get 80% of the pirate's EP then.

With this change the distribution of EP among players becomes fairer and more balanced. Enjoy the new EP system!




Attention, attention!

Another year is almost over and the festive days are just around the corner.

We wish you happy holidays and would like to take the chance to announce something that will hopefully brighten up the new year for you.

From now on TibiaME is free to play for everyone and all players will receive 100 percent experience points. However, the stamina bonus, and the access to all islands will remain exclusive for premium players. For now...

...because 2012 will bring something special, something new to TibiaME.

Within the next months we will add a microtransaction system to the fantastic world of TibiaME.


Free to Play


That means:

  • With the microtransaction system you will be able to purchase the new ingame currency "Platinum", which will enable you to buy ingame items and other amazing features!
  • You can choose between subscriptions or microtransactions to make the game more exciting and to enjoy all the things it has to offer.
  • If you are a Premium player, you will keep your ingame advantages. In addition you will receive free Platinum to spend in the store for each day of Premium you buy.

All in all, you decide how to play your game!

What features will be available for you to enrich your game-play?

  • access to individual islands
  • portal usage
  • town portals and town teleports
  • more slots for friend lists, ignore lists, letters, trade offers and depot pages
  • experience and gold boosts
  • outfits and more colours
  • rerolls
  • guild founding
  • and protection against exp loss


New Outfits




What is platinum?

Platinum is the new ingame currency that will be implemented as soon as the microtransaction system will be added to TibiaME.


How to get Platinum?

You will be able to buy Platinum via resellers, our website and so on, just as you can now buy Premium time. Also, you will still be able to buy Premium time for your character. If you decide to buy Premium time, the value of your Premium time will be converted into Platinum and will be added to your character. That means: every Premium day will be worth a certain amount of Platinum.


What to do with Platinum?

With the new ingame money Platinum you will be able to buy ingame features that we will list and explain later in this article.


How to use Platinum?

You will have access to an ingame store from every place in the game. In this ingame store you can spend your Platinum to buy the features you want. Please note, the ingame store can only be accessed when you are logged into the game.


Which features will be buyable?


Access to individual islands (buyable one time for every island)

The access to every island can be bought easily due to the microtransaction system. You have to buy access for an island just once and you can travel there whenever you want.

Please note: There is a starter zone on every island that is also reachable by free players. For example, the city on Ashmor. Players can walk through the town, talk to NPCs, visit the stores and so on, but they will not be able to leave the city and to visit other places on the island, without buying access.


Portal usage (buyable one time)

If you buy portal usage, you will be able to use all portals in the world of TibiaME if you have access to the place. For example, if you have bought access to Ashmor, you will be able to use the portals there.


Town teleports (buyable anytime)

If you are hunting or exploring, a town teleport will directly bring you back to the town of the island you are on. You can only buy one town teleport at the same time. Please note: a town teleportal will not bring you back. It just works one way, so you will not be able to go back to the place you came from by using the teleport.


Town portals (buyable anytime)

Town portals will work similar as the town teleports. But in this case you will have the opportunity to travel back to the place you came from. If you want to go back to this place just use the main portal in the city. There you will see a new travel destination called "Town Portal", choose it, and you will travel back to the place you came from.


Town PortalTown Portal

Buying the feature "Town Portal" and Traveling to the city.


Town PortalTown Portal

Choosing the destination "Town Portal" and Traveling back.


More slots for friend lists and ignore lists

You will be able to extend your lists up to 20, 30 slots. However, there will be a limit, but that is not set yet.


Letters, trade offers and depot pages

You will be ably to buy more space for your inbox, more trade offers and more depot pages. However, there will be a limit too.


Experience and gold boosts

You will be able to get experience and gold boosts. Please note, these boosts will immediately start after you bought them. There will be various boosts, for example 100% and 200%. They will be limited to a certain time. If you log out the time will stop. Log back in and your boost will continue.


Outfits and more colours

There will be more outfits and colours you can get using your Platinum.



Rerolls will now be buyable with your platinum. You can buy Rerolls ahead if you want. Free Rerolls will be removed from the game. Premium players will get free Platinum instead of free Rerolls.


Guild founding

Currently, only premium player are able to found a guild. Now, you can also found a guild by buying the feature guild founding once. In addition, the guild will not be removed anymore, if your premium time runs out.


Protection against exp loss

There will be three kinds of protection against exp loss.

  • 50 %
  • 80 %
  • 100 %

It will be possible to upgrade them, if you already bought one. For example, if you bought 50 % you can upgrade it to 100%.

The protection against exp loss does not work in the arena.

Premium players will receive 50 % protection against exp loss when the buy premium.

Please note: The protection against exp loss is not a visible item and you will loose it the moment you die. Also, item loss will be completely removed from the game.




Curious how the marketplace will look like?






Or the new support screen?




More ReRolls? Yes!




And the new overview?







We know that you were eagerly waiting for the release of the microtransaction system. HERE IT IS.


Goodnight, sweet prince


Good old TibiaME, bye-bye.

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